Maximiliano Corral (NMSU)- Civil Engineering

I am currently a NMSU main campus student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science and a minor in surveying. I transferred from DACC to NMSU last fall semester. I plan on graduating by 2023 and hope to start working as soon as possible. My main hobby is playing soccer, I am currently in 2 teams of amateur level, one in Las Cruces and one in El Paso. 

Alejandra Trejo (NMSU)

Hello, my name is Alejandra Trejo and my current major is Civil Engineering and I will transfer to NMSU next semester Fall 2021. My career goal is to finish my bachelor’s at NMSU. Some things that I also like to do is riding horses and exercising; it helps me a lot to release stress and do better. I like to make friends and learn new things.


Sebastian Gonzalez (NMSU)- Aerospace Engineering

My name is Sebastian Gonzalez and I am a student at NMSU main campus this spring semester and my major is Aerospace Engineering. Once I complete my education I would love to obtain a job at NASA. I heard about the STAR program from my friend and math professor, they both recommended I should join, which I did. I definitely do not regret it. As soon as I heard about it I applied knowing this program would be the right fit for me because the NSF-S-STEM DACC-NMSU STAR program will help me learn key aspects of my degree and would guide on how to successfully get opportunities such as jobs, internships and others.

Andrea Lujan (NMSU)- Chemical Engineeing

Chemical Engineering, transferred to NMSU during the Fall of 2020. As an engineering student, I would like to take the most from my education and gain the knowledge to become a professional chemical engineer. I would also like to study Astronomy. During this spring semester I am going to be conducting research with Dr. Brewer and PhD student Hengameh Bayat. We will be working on the aqueous phase product of hydrothermal liquefaction.


Bryan Sanchez (NMSU)- Civil Engineering

This spring semester I am a student attending NMSU striving to achieve a bachelor’s in civil engineering. After graduating, I would like to pass the PE Civil exam and pursue my long dream of receiving a job in construction engineering. I discovered the NSF-S-STEM DACC-NMSU STAR Program from an email sent from the Associate Director. I knew this program would be a good opportunity because of the in-depth workshops and cohort-based activities that help me attain professional success. I truly believe this program will benefit me when applying for future internships and job employments because of the specific preparations and enhanced efficacy I acquire while going through this program.

Kurt Lyell (NMSU)- Computer Science

My name is Kurt, and I am currently a student at DACC but plan on transferring in the fall to NMSU. My major is General Engineering here at DACC but will be Electrical Engineering at NMSU and I am not too sure what job I want after school but hopefully something inside with A/C. I heard about the NSF-S-STEM DACC-NMSU STAR Program through Anja Hansen and am so glad I opened that email and applied! I think this program will benefit me the most with internships while in school and job hunting when I graduate. I am also looking forward to the mentorship that they offer in this program, I think it will positively impact my time here at DACC and NMSU.

Karla Caro (NMSU)- Chemical Engineering

Zachary Hill (NMSU)- Civil Engineering

Aaron Lopez-Gonzalez (NMSU)- Physics

Shane Gonzales (NMSU)- Civil Engineering

Amro Aliedeh (NMSU)- Mechanical Engineering

Pedro Alvarez (NMSU)- Chemical Engineering

Angel Anchondo (NMSU)- Civil Engineering

Ashley Cardona (NMSU)- Electrical Engineering

Emilio Hultsch (NMSU)- Electrical Engineering

Lauren Houser (NMSU)- Civil Engineering

Frankie Montoya (NMSU)- Electrical Engineering

Austin Powell (NMSU)- Electrical Engineering

Gabriella Hernandez (NMSU)- Information & Comm. Technology

Pamela Hernandez-Villalba (NMSU)- Electrical Engineering

Naiqui Armendariz (NMSU)- Aerospace Engineering/Mehanical Engineering

Monica Roedelstab (DACC)- General Engineering

Heather Godfrey (NMSU)- Mechanical Engineering Technology

Sergio Escareno (DACC)- General Engineering