The DACC-NMSU STAR program is a 5-year NSF-funded scholarship for engineering-bound transferring students from DACC to NMSU College of Engineering (CoE).

Benefits of the S-STEM STAR Program:

  • Unmet need-based scholarship, covering up to $10,000/year for education costs
  • Math Tutoring
  • Offers intensive workshops and cohort-based activities that lead to academic and professional success:
    • Time-management and metacognition-based study strategies
    • Enhancing Self-Efficacy and Growth Mindset
    • Establishing Engineering Identity through cohort-based activities
    • Internship opportunities and how to apply for them
    • Speaker Series that will help with professional development
  • Near-Peer mentoring and tutoring
  • Real-time academic intervention through support network
  • NMSU faculty mentor assigned to each scholar